Revert back from legacy to UEFI boot


I have Lenovo G40-30 which came pre-installed with Windows 8. I changed boot mode from UEFI to legacy mode. Now I can't access the bios by pressing any key F2 or F12.

Now the computer starts very fast showing no bootable media found and I cannot access boot options. Is there any way I can revert back to UEFI mode? Also I read somewhere that I will have to remove my HDD since it will be locked. I didn't disable secure boot.

Is there any workaround?

Best Answer

This solution is only for Lenovo G40-30. I went to official website and found my solution. In lenovo G40-30 there is a NOVO button near charging port. By pressing that button I was able to go to directly to Boot menu, and change my boot mode to UEFI mode from legacy mode.