Router’s setup page cannot be accessed when using the router as repeater


If I use two different router in the same network while both are running in the default router mode then we can access the setup page or setup interface from browser just by IP address of corresponding router. But when I use one of the router as repeater then I can only enter the setup page of the router which is running in router mode. Why router's setup page cannot be accessed when using the router as repeater? Now how can I change the settings of the router in repeater mode? The only way is to reset router with the hardware key then setup again.

Best Answer

Take an example that you have 2 routers with IPs of (router A) and (router B). You configure router A to be a repeater for router B (which connects to the internet and has the DHCP server).

Now in Universal Repeater mode the router just acts as a bridge that relays packets between the 2 network segments. Because the bridge doesn't need to send/receive anything for its own, it generally doesn't need/have an IP in that same subnet with the DHCP ( You can check this in the DHCP leased list and you won't see the router A there. But router A still has the old IP and still responds to it. It's just that router B doesn't know about the existence of router A, hence it can't route packets to router A even if you use the correct IP address ( and will just discard the packets.

You need to set your IP address to static in the same range of router A, e.g. and now you can access it

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