Rsync with Cygwin creating weird directories


I'm trying to use rsync to backup data from a local shared drive to a remove server. Both the local machine and the remote server are running Cygwin under Windows XP. I use the following command:

rsync -aze ssh –size-only –delete //SharedFolder/dir/subdir user@remoteserver:/cygdrive/c/dir

The problem is that instead of copying files to the subdir directory, a new directory is created called subdir?, where ? is a non-ascii character. I tried various combinations of / at the end of the destination or remote path, always with the same result.

How can I tell rsync not to create this weird new directory?

Best Answer

The problem was that the script file used to run the command was saved in the Windows format with \r\n line separators. That weird character was the carriage return. I saved the file in the unix format with just \n and things are now fine.