Windows – Run a program from Windows run


There's suppose any application installed in c:\program files\program.exe

How do I run this program by simply going to Start –> Run –> program.exe

I tried setting environment variable but that didn't help

I know programs like notepad and cmd run from Start –> Run cause they are there in the system32 folder. But how do I run an app which is not there?


This is what I did on windows xp:

Right click My Computer –> Properties –> advanced -->environment variables-->user variables for administrator-->new-->"variable name"&"variable value"`. In variable value I put the path and in variable name I put an alias for the program
Is what I did correct?

Best Answer

Windows looks in all directories that are defined in the %PATH% variable for programs. You said you tried setting environment variables? How?

It's basically correct. Just add the path c:\program files\ at the end of the PATH variables and you should be fine.

Don't forget to logout / login again if you changed a system wide environment variable.