Run monitor #1 (VGA) from onboard graphics + monitor #2 (VGA) from PCIe graphics card

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I have an Asus P5KPL-AM IN/GB motherboard with onboard graphics connected to a Dell 1708FPb 17 inch flat panel monitor.

The second (identical) display is connected to an Nvidia GeForce 210 PCIe graphics card, also using a VGA lead.

When the machine boots up, the monitor connected to the onboard graphics VGA adapter is not detected. I have tried using another adapter, which didn't work.

Is is possible to run two displays simultaneously, both connected using VGA leads, one via onboard graphics and the other from an independent graphics card?

Or do I need to buy a separate DVI cable and run both monitors from the PCIe graphics card?

Best Answer

This will depend on the motherboard/BIOS. Some allow the onboard graphics others don't.

It appears that the Asus doesn't and to run a second monitor you'll have to use the 2nd output on the graphics card.

You don't have to buy a DVI lead - though using one will give you a better image - you can get DVI to VGA converters and use your existing lead.

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