Running a home mail server using dynamic dns


Is it possible to run an email server on my home box using dynamic dns?

The scenario is, I want to auto cc all incoming and outgoing emails from my one account to another, from some server side config instead of configuring email clients for rules. I have tried Google Apps Mail but it doesn't allow auto cc of outgoing emails. After having read tons of blogs, forum messages etc (hope I have been reading the correct info 🙂 ) the only option to achieve what I am needing is to setup my own mail server, but the cost of getting a static IP doesn't fit my budget.

Please can someone point me in the correct direction. Platform doesn't matter, I can setup a Windows or Linux server.

Many Thanks

Best Answer

  • Running an email server on dynamic DNS, while certainly possible, is a bad idea. Here's why:

    If you don't want to get a static IP, then I'd suggest checking into the various email hosting services (google for "email hosting") and see if one of those might fit your needs.

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