Windows – Safe sharing home network, single user Microsoft account without Homegroup

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I have a home office with a workstation, and I just added another workstation and a laptop. All use windows10 professional and I use the same Microsoft account to login on all machines. I'm trying to set up a shared folder on each machine to replace the Homegroup.

Network Error

Windows cannot access \\ws1\shared

You do not have permission to access \\ws1\shared. 
Contact your network administrator to request access.

I can't get the sharing to work no matter what I allow on the share permissions or on the folder security.

Windows10 just removed homegroup, a feature I was just beginning to get some use out of.

I've set up a domain in the past, in an office setting. But I'd like to keep this simple and avoid using a domain controller.

I also want to avoid sharing on the "public network" as the laptop might be taken to other locations and other devices exist in my home.


Just found out that sharing any folder outside of the user folder is working. No adjusting of permissions seems to work though for in the user folder