Macos – Safely get rid of “You have new mail in /var/mail” on a Mac


I was messing around with sendmail in Rails a year ago and have had this message popping up in the terminal after every command ever since:

You have new mail in /var/mail/Lance

How do I properly get rid of that so the message goes away? I ever use any of that functionality and don't have mail on my computer. There's one file in /var/mail called lance, and it's huge. Can I just remove it?

Best Answer

The old school way is to open a terminal and use


at the prompt, then


to delete one message or


for for four messages.



to quit.

If you don't want to delete them unread, just type Enter at the mail prompt and it'll show each message in turn.


man mail

for all the details.

Of course, other more sophisticated mail clients may be available, but that will do it.