Save Telegram chat log


I am not able to save chat log with Telegram. Telegram on Android, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux do not give this option to user, as far as I know. This is a basic feature and it is disappointing and surprising that this software does not have it.

There is a request for this feature here.

Maybe there is a workaround because all history is loaded on the device when you scroll back.

Is it possible to capture/save chat history loaded in the device, make a local backup copy of chat log?

Best Answer

Official Data Export

From 23-24/06/2018 Telegram added this option, as part of the GDPR changes.

Now you can request to download all you data, and so you can get your chat logs.

  • Telegram support for Data Export:
    • Telegram Desktop - from 1.3.8 or higher
    • Telegram for Android - from 4.8.10 or higher
    • Telegram for iOS - from 4.8.3 or higher
    • Telegram Webapp - not available yet
    • Telegram for Windows Phone - no idea

You can message the @GDPRbot to request your data export, or from the app settings if already available.

Note: For security reasons, the data export is not immediate, so in case someone take control over one of your devices they won't be able to immediately download all your data.

Read the full notice from Telegram's FAQ export

Demonstration from Telegram Desktop

Other options (from GitHub)