Screen goes black after trying to access BIOS Setup


I've been trying to access my BIO settings, in order to change the boot order to boot from USB first.

When booting the computer and holding down F12, the BIOS menu comes up fine, and I can access the "Device Configuration" and "Change Boot Mode Settings" options, but when I select "BIOS Setup" or "Diagnostics" the screen turns black.

I've waited up to 5 minutes to see if the menu is just slow, but nothing happens. Eventually, I just turn off the computer and reboot.

I've also tried selecting "Shift/Restart -> Troubleshooting -> Advanced Options -> UEFI Firmware Settings" while booted in Windows to access this menu and I also get a black screen.

To be clear, Windows boots perfectly. I just cannot access the BIOS/UEFI settings.

I'm on a brand spanking new Dell Precision 5820 Tower with Intel Xeon W-2102 and Windows 10. The current boot mode is "UEFI, secure boot on".

Best Answer

The tower has two display ports. It turns out that only one of them was active in the BIOS menu, but both were active at all other times. Switching the monitor to the other port solved the problem.