Windows – Screen locks even when plugged in

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I have attempted to prevent my screen from locking when plugged in for 3 hours, but it is not happening. These are my settings:

enter image description here

Nevertheless, if I leave my computer for 15 minutes it locks, even though it is plugged in. Is there some setting somewhere that is overriding these settings?

The screen locks after 10 minutes, just timed it.

Best Answer

Apparently it is happening because of a "screen saver" setting:

enter image description here

This is located in the "Personalize" part of the system options.

If you are on a domain, then network policies can be used to force the screen saver to be active. To see if this happening use the following command:

gpresult /Scope User /v > "c:/policies_output.txt"

Then examine the output file.

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