Set display scaling when using Remote Desktop from Surface Pro

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I use my Surface Pro to remote desktop to various other machines. When I do, the display is crazy small because Surface Pro uses 150% scaling for it's local Windows display, but this is not the default for the machines I'm remoting into. But I can't set the scaling when I'm remoted to the other machine, because this setting can't be changed from a remote session.

Is there any convenient way to configure remote Windows machines to use the 150% display scaling when remoted into from the Surface Pro?

Best Answer

  • I have faced the same issue, and you'll love this solution! Download and install Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.2 on your surface pro or surface pro 2, -- RDP from this application and see how it works! Magic!

    You can even view in Full screen, I have noticed that you need to install an update on all remote machines to be able to change the DPI using MSTSC.exe, but with Remote desktop connection manager 2.2, things just work without any update!