Firefox – Setting an external editor in Vimperator


Vimperator has a very convenient function — using an external editor for filling text fields. By default it uses GVim but I would like to use Gedit or Vim. I tried to add to ~/.vimperatorrc the following lines but without result (the editors is opened but the typed text isn't added to text fields):

:set editor=gedit

:set editor="gnome-terminal -e vim"

How can I set an external editor for filling text fields in Vimperator?

Best Answer

  • It's completely a mystery to me why the things you tried don't work when placed in .vimperatorrc (though they don't work for me either). It's very strange. But this seems to work:

    autocmd LocationChange .* :set editor="gedit"

    It takes effect even with the first page that loads.