Windows – Setting up networking on Virtualbox Guest to access Host VPN

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Im trying to get this setup going but am having quite a bit of trouble.

  • Host OS: Windows 8 64bit
  • Guest OS: CentOS 6.5 64bit

I'm using the Cisco VPN Client on my host to connect to a number of remote servers that I'd like to access from the Guest OS.

Currently I have the following adapters on my Host:

  • Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM – Connection on Host (domain access/internet)
  • VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter – VirtualBox
  • Cisco Systems VPN Adapter 64-bit Windows – Used by the VPN

My problem is when I setup the bridge in VirtualBox between the Cisco VPN and VirtualBox adapters, I cant seem to be able to ping the remote servers over the VPN.

The intended setup for me is being able to access Internet & the remote servers from the Guest OS without losing access to them on the Host OS.

Best Answer

  • To get the traffic going through the VPN I just set up an adapter as a "NAT".

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