Windows – SFTP, SCP, Secure Webdav: which is the most suitable


currently, I am hosting a webdav share setup in order to store files I need anywhere I am. It is available via HTTPS.

Things are that I do not need all the HTTP machinery -i.e. my nginx http server is only there for this webdav folder.

I am not sure I made the best choice. My requirements on the client side are:

  • secured transfers
  • mountable as a network drive at work with 'near realtime sync'
  • usable for any OS I could use (including my mobile (android))

At first, I chose webdav since it would pass through my work proxy (which refuses all that is not on HTTP/S (port 80 or 443)).

Today, I am not satisfied with the setup and even if nginx memory footprint is pretty small, its webdav support is not really "clean" and full.

What would you recommend between SFTP, SCP and the current webdav solution ? I think SFTP is the closest solution but I still have to find out how to pass through my proxy 😉 SCP seems quite limited as I read about it (only file transfers if I read right).


Best Answer

  • SFTP is fine, it's easy to setup and there aren't any huge holes in it at the moment. It's available on pretty much every system (including android 2.1 and higher with the right FTP client).

    SFTP is pretty common now, so it's also less likely to be blocked.

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