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is it possible to put a truecrypt container on a net share and access/mount it form multiple machines (windows) at the same time?

I fear that if both would write the file could be corrupted.

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    As written under disadvantages:

    The shared volume may be only file-hosted (not partition/device-hosted). The volume must be mounted in read-only mode under each of the systems (see the section Mount Options for information on how to mount a volume in read-only mode). Note that this requirement applies to unencrypted volumes too. One of the reasons is, for example, the fact that data read from a conventional file system under one OS while the file system is being modified by another OS might be inconsistent (which could result in data corruption).

    So yes, you can but you do have a high risk in data corruption if you read and write from multiple workstations.

    A solution for this would be to open the truecrypt file, share that drive/folder over the network for all other workstations to use. Do note that this is a lot less secure then using the truecrypt filesystem locally. (even when using vpn etc.)

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