Sharing internet from a Router to Switch


We have a

  • TP-Link (TD-W8951ND) Modem Router : Internet Connection from BSNL, India.
  • D-Link DES-1024D 24-Port Switch : 16 Computers connected and we have a local site running which will be accessed from all these 16 computers. (IP Addresses ranging from to Computer IP from where we are serving the local site is :

Now We want to share the internet connection to all the 16 computers.

What I already tried :

  1. Used a crossover network cable to connect Router and Switch : Nothing happened. Moreover the lights either in the Modem or the Switch are not blinking.
  2. Also tried with Normal network cable. But same as above. Nothing happened.
  3. I checked the D-Link's switch manual and they wrote that it automatically detects crossover or something like that. But nothing happened in any of the above two steps.

Could you please suggest how I can proceed to make sure that all the above 16 computers can access the internet from the TP-Link modem? or at least any links to online resources.

Best Answer

You do not need a cross-over cable, a normal ethernet cable will do. The connection is the simplest you can imagine: draw a cable from any port on the D-Link switch to any switch port on the TP-Link modem/router. On the modem/router, there is one port right next to the antenna, on the back. Do not use this port, use any of the other four colored ports. Turn the router off, and then back on, there should be nothing else to do.