Windows – Shortcut to Windows 7 Screen resolution setting other than by right-click on the desktop

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I regularly have to access the Windows 7 "Screen resolution" setting on a netbook with many full-screen windows open, often with bogged down CPUs.

These are the usual necessary steps I have to perform:

  • alt-tab to the desktop
  • right-click on the desktop
  • choose "Screen resolution"
  • from the "Multiple displays" dropdown select "Show desktop only on 2"
  • click on OK

Is there a way to access this setting instead from the start menu, the task bar, or a hotkey? Even better is there a way to make the "Show desktop only on 2" action directly from one of those places?

Best Answer

  • If you just want to change which display you use, rather than each display's resolution, you can cycle between the display options when using multiple monitors with the Win + P hotkey.

    Or (if you want to change screen resolution):

    You can directly access the Display > Screen Resolution page by typing:


    in the Windows search bar, and selecting the top result (should be Adjust screen resolution). You'll still have to disable or enable the screen of your choice though.

    I'm sure there's a trick for getting autohotkey to do it as well, but it evades me.