Simplest way to add stills to MP3 audio soundtrack

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I have some audio and want to add visuals to it and upload to YouTube.

Nothing fancy, just like slides, image_A from 00:00:00 to 00:00:05 then image_B from 00:00:50 to 00:00:30 and so on.

I have recent Mac and Windows machines to do this on. I'd like to do it on free or demo software if I can.

Please give a bit of a hint how to get started if you can. I took a look a iMovie, but … where to start, if you haven't actually got video?

Best Answer

I think iPhoto will export a slide show with audio as a movie. If you want more control then an auto advance slide show then use iMovie.

In iMovie create a new project, add your audio track and then add still images along the time line.