Windows – Since upgrading to Windows 10 the touchpad rapidly switches from enabled to disabled

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My laptop is an MSI GT70 Dragon edition. Since upgrading to Windows 10, whenever I wake up my laptop and after I enter the password the touchpad will toggle between enabled and disabled, sometimes for over an hour before settling on which it may or may not actually obey. If I use the built in button to enable/disable the touchpad or use the properties menu it does the same thing.

I recently discovered that I can stop the toggling by mashing on the keyboard and during the toggling the keyboard is slow to respond or may not respond at all.

I used the windows feature which searches for drivers, but it says they are up to date and I tried looking for drivers online and didn't find any either. How can I fix this?

Update: I've uninstalled the touchpad drivers and used windows update to install the proper ones as the Windows 8.1 drivers recommended by MSI would not install. This allowed me to enable and disable the touchpad normally, but the multi-touch gestures still wouldn't work. Upon restarting my computer the toggling problem resumed, so that solution didn't work.

Best Answer

  • The reason this is happening is because MSI has not released Synaptics Touchpad drivers that support Windows 10. The only way you will solve ths problem is by installing the generic Synaptics Touchpad drivers that do support Windows 10.

    Windows 10 Synaptics Drives for I2C Devices.

    Windows 10 Synaptics Drives for PS2 Devices.

    Synaptics Driver Website

    Please keep in mind this answer addresses the author's specific problem and does not apply to every situation. The drivers linked to were current when the answer was written and might not be current. Windows 10 reinstalling a newer driver is an entirely different problem.

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