Skip animations on current slide in PowerPoint


This is most likely a fairly simple question but I could not find any answers when I looked around (might be just me who is not really good at googling).

I have a fairly long powerpoint presentation where I use different sections, hyperlinks between them and animations on each slide (roughly 60 in total). Depending on the person I'm talking to I hide some slides while showing others. Sometimes when I skip to the next slide the person listening asks me to go back a few slides. The process of going back a few slides is not really difficult as you only press the left arrow key (or page up or whatever), but it doesn't look professional when you have to press it 6 times to go backwards (or forward) through the animations that many of the slides have.

Suppose that I am 2 animations in into a 7 animation slide and I want to directly skip ahead to the next slide; is there a way to, with one keyboard command, skip the remaining 5 animations on the current slide and go to the next one? I want to be able to continue through PPT slides without going through every single animation, on the fly (if this is possible).

Any answers to this is much appreciated!

Best Answer

  • During a presentation, you can type the a slide number and press Enter to go directly to the specific slide. This may be the easiest way to skip the remaining animations on the current slide.

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