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I am using SQL Server Management Studio 2012. I am trying to print a stored procedure in the color-coded syntax that it loves showing me, but cannot find an option to enable this. Any ideas?

I know on VS2010 that we (finally) got color output for text, via an add-in on MS's site, but I cannot seem to locate anything for SQL Server Management Studio via Google. Why am I printing this thing out? Because it's 15 pages long, and I am trying to clean it up.

Best Answer

  • IMHO you just print it out.

    I'm using SQL Management Studio from my SQL Server Developer 2008 R2 installation and anything that is displayed in colour gets printed in colour.

    You might be experiencing a problem with your printer.

    • Try going into the "File | Page Setup..." of the current query window and click on the "Printer" button
    • Check the printer settings.
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