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I have a Kingston SSDNOW on sata 2.
Doing a benchmark i get these results:

enter image description here

As can be seen, the sequential write performance is terrible. Below even 100 MB/s.
Also why do the tests labelled 4k show such terrible performance.
Is my drive dying?

I am on windows7 with trim enabled.

The exact model of the SSD is:

Kingston SSDNow V100 256GB
It claims 250MB/sec read and 230MB/sec write speeds

Best Answer

Typical lower-end Kingston SSDNOW SSDs are rated for 6,000 read IOPS. Yours is rated for 3,300 read IOPS. A 4KB read is 4,096 bytes. So 12.33MB/s is 12.33*1024*1024/(4*1024) IOPS, or 3,156. So that seems reasonable.

Evidently the Kingston SSDNow V+ 100 256GB and SSDNow V 100 256GB provide quite poor NCQ performance, as they suffered when running the CrystalDiskMark random read 4K-QD32 test. This was also a weakness of the original SSDNow V 128GB drive. Whereas the old OCZ Vertex 120GB provided a throughput of 65MB/s, the SSDNow V+ 100 256GB was limited to just 19.9MB/s.

The random write 4K-QD32 performance was slightly better as the Kingston SSDNow V+ 100 256GB achieved a throughput of 37.1MB/s while the SSDNow V 100 256GB managed 28.4MB/s, which was a considerable improvement over the 11.4MB/s of the SSDNow V 128GB drive. - Review