SSH and Latent Connections (e.g., satellite connections)


Most of the week I live in the city where I have a typical broadband connection, but most weekends I'm out of town and only have access to a satellite connection. Trying to work over SSH on a satellite connection, while possible, is hardly desirable due to the high latency (> 1 second).

My question is this:
Is there any software that will do something like buffering keystrokes on my local machine before they're sent over SSH to help make the lag on individual keystrokes a little bit more transparent? Essentially I'm looking for something that would reduce the effects of the high latency for everything except for commands (e.g., opening files, changing to a new directory, etc.).

I've already discovered that vim can open remote files locally and rewrite them remotely, but, while this is a huge help, it is not quite what I'm looking for since it only works when editing files, and requires opening a connection every time a read/write occurs.
(For anyone who may not know how to do this and is curious, just use this command: 'vim scp://host/file/path/here)

Best Answer

One possible solution is to use sshfs to mount and browse around the remote filesystem with a local shell. You won't have latency while typing commands, but only when listing the contents of directories and accessing files. This includes significant delay on tab completion, since this triggers a listing of the current directory's contents.

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