Linux – ssh through a router without port forwarding


I have a linux server, and I want to put it in a home network behind a router. I need to ssh to this server sometime from outside, but I don't want to set up port forwarding because I don't have access to the router, and I don't know the ip of the router either.

What I can do is to put some program in the linux server, so when it is connected to Internet, it will constantly sending data to my other server online so I know the ip address of it. But is there a way to ssh to the server behind the router from outside? something like NAT or socket that maintains the network connection?

Thanks a lot

Best Answer

What you would want to do is ssh FROM your "linux server" TO something on the outside, such as "my_other_server" or something else both servers can get to.

You would use ssh remote port forwarding.
[user@linux_server]$ ssh -R8022:localhost:22
Explaination: Connect to my_other_server and open port 8022 there which will forward back to me on port 22.

From you will be able to ssh to localhost on port 8022, and have your traffic forwarded to linux_server piggybacking on the linux_server -> my_other_server tunnel [user@linux_server]$ ssh -p8022 localhost
Explaination: Connect to myself on port 8022 which is forwarded to linux_server

If you have problems with the initial linux_server -> my_other_server tunnel dropping out, you could make a script to keep it open, adjust the keepalive settings, or use autossh.

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