Windows – Stop avast! from attacking the own programs


I've been practicing my C# lately on a new system. Compiling is fine, however when I try to run the generated .exe file, avast! thinks it is malware and runs it in the sandbox for a while (and it doesn't work in the sandbox as it should work normally), and only when it has finished scanning it will it let me run it normally.

When I try to run it again, most of the time the same process happens, whether I make changes to the code or not.

Is there any way I could play around with Avast's settings to stop it attacking my programs?

Note: I'm dealing with very simple, command prompt programs here.

Best Answer

According to a user manual that I was able to find for version 4.8(see page 40), You need to do as the comments suggest and add your obj directory or bin directory to the exclusions list.

According to a post I found in the Avast forums from 2011 you can also add exclusions for single files by:

...manually edit[ing] the line where the path for the exception is. So, using the "browse" button, select first the folder, and then edit the resulting path and "add" to exclusions. You can also use "*" and "?".