Stop music playback when I lock the screen


Is it possible to run xmms2 stop when I lock the screen with Ctrl+Alt+L?

Best Answer

  • Should be.

    The desktop-agnostic way is:

    • install xbindkeys
    • create a script that runs your "xmms" command plus "xscreensaver -l" or "kdescreensaver --lock"
    • create a ~/.xbindkeysrc
    • make xbindkeys run at startup

    Assuming your script is in /usr/local/bin/lockandstop, ~/.xbindkeysrc should contain:

    Control + Alt + l

    or perhaps

    Mod4 + l

    depending on what xmodmap prints.

    But maybe the KDE Control Panel offers an easier way under the keyboard shortcuts section.

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