Stop Thunderbird from automatically hyperlinking on send


Uppity Thunderbird has decided it's smarter than me. When sending a message, it automatically converts anything that looks like a URL to a hyperlink, even if I made sure it was not a hyperlink in the editor.

Besides being annoying, the automatic link insertion causes Thunderbird to send the message as HTML when it would otherwise be sent as plain text.

How can I show it who's boss?

Best Answer

From mozillaZine (Mozilla Wiki):

Suppressing automatically-generated links

It is possible to take some steps to suppress automatically-generated links, but you cannot completely suppress them.

Sending messages

When you write an HTML message, you can suppress automatically-generated links.
Select the text that Thunderbird normally linkifies.
Choose Insert – HTML... In the HTML editor, type anchor tags around the text.
For example, if you type this but you do not want Thunderbird to linkify it:
In the HTML editor, change it to:
If there is already an anchor tag with attributes (class and href, typically), then remove the attributes to leave the tag looking like the example above.
Note: People who receive your message might still see a link, if they use mail clients that linkify when they display messages.
For example, Thunderbird users will probably see a link if they choose:
View – Message Body As – Plain Text

If your message is sent using HTML formatting, Mozilla Thunderbird will automatically hyperlink URLs and email addresses.

In the plain text version, the URLs and email addresses will remain untouched, however the recipient's email program will typically turn these addresses into hyperlinks.

If you wish to send the mail in plain text mode, here is a quick tutorial on how to switch between HTML and plain text emails in Thunderbird (notice the difference between HTML and plain text modes for reading (viewing received messages) and sending (composing new messages and sending them)).