Stop Vivaldi from reloading already opened tabs


With Vivaldi, if I click a tab in order to change my currently present web-app, the contained page gets reloaded. This happens for downright apps nearly everytime. For things like dictionaries (linguee etc.), it doesn't happen that often.

I'll describe an example scenario:

  • Open up JIRA tab (downright web-app)
  • Open up Linguee tab ("static" web-page)
  • Open up Google tab
  • Click on JIRA -> it reloads
  • Click on Linguee -> doesn't reload
  • Click on Google
  • Wait one minute
  • Click on JIRA -> it reloads
  • Click on Linguee -> it reloads

This behaviour appears to be a little bit random. Sometimes tabs get reloaded and sometimes not. However, there is one constant thing: If I wait a time (at least one minute), without exception every tab gets reloaded.

Why does that happen and how do I disable this feature?

Best Answer

  • Try this option: 

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