Windows – Stopping Microsoft Search from eating the hard drive


I have Windows Vista on a machine and I noticed quite a bit of hard drive was disappearing. I ran a utility to show me where it all went. I found the following directory consumes over 2GB of space:

The Microsoft Search service is now disabled, but I want it removed completely. I see nothing on Add/Remove Programs. Also, will I get blue screens if I delete this directory?

Best Answer

Here's what I had to do:

  • open services.msc
  • Stop the Windows Search service (I was this far already).
  • Rename C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\Windows.edb
  • Start the Windows Search service
  • The directory rebuilds Windows.edb (34 MB initial size in my case)
  • Open Control Panel / Indexing Options
  • Wait a long time for buttons to become enabled
  • Click Modify
  • Uncheck Users directory or whatever else you don't want indexed (I left Start Menu enabled because it's so small)
  • Click Ok
  • Stand on your head and count to three while drinking water with a straw. (not sure if this part is necessary but I wanted to try everything I could)

It now says indexing complete with only 800 or so items. Total size of the directory is now just over 48 MB. Pretty large index if you ask me, but better than 2 GB.