Macos – Sublime Text 2: how to force all files to open in a single window


I like using a single Sublime Text 2 window with multiple tabs. Currently, when I click on files in Finder that are openable via ST2, they open in separate ST2 windows. How do I force ST2 to open tabs in a single ST2 window for new files?

Best Answer

Since you're on OS X, this is a feature that is enabled by default. You will need to go to the Default Settings (under Preferences) and scroll down to the "open_files_in_new_window" setting, which is on line 280. Change the true value to false. Do not delete the comma, though.

(In Sublime Text 2.0.2, this is line 301, and Preferences is under Sublime Text 2 main menu heading.)

See the comments for a brief discussion of the advantages of changing "Settings – User" instead of "Settings – Default".

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