Sublime Text 2 – insert breaks to match current wrapping


Is there an automated way to insert line breaks at every point where the text is currently wrapping? After this operation, no lines should be wrapped, but it should look visually identical.

Best Answer

  • Create a plugin for this. Select Tools » New Plugin… and enter the following script:

    import sublime, sublime_plugin
    class WrapLinesExCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
        def run(self, edit):
            wrap_column = 0
            if self.view.settings().get('word_wrap') == False:
                # wrapping is disabled, do nothing
            if self.view.settings().get('wrap_width') == 0:
                # compute wrap column from viewport width
                wrap_column = int(self.view.viewport_extent()[0] / self.view.em_width())
                wrap_column = self.view.settings().get('wrap_width')
            e = self.view.begin_edit()
            rewrap(self.view, e, wrap_column)
    def rewrap(v, e, column):
        # 0-indexed current line
        current_line_no = 0
        # RHS expression is line count, can change whenever we create a new one
        while current_line_no < v.rowcol(v.size())[0] + 1:
            # where current line drawing starts
            current_line_coords = v.text_to_layout(v.text_point(current_line_no, 0))
            # rightmost character drawn in current viewport
            textpos = v.layout_to_text((v.em_width() * (column), current_line_coords[1]))
            # physical line boundaries as absolute text positions
            current_line = v.line(textpos)
            if textpos < current_line.b:
                # the current line spans multiple rows, so insert a newline at the wrap column
                textpos = v.layout_to_text((v.em_width() * (column), current_line_coords[1]))
                next_line_indent = v.text_to_layout(textpos+1)[0]
                # TODO why -1?
                next_line_indent_chars = int(next_line_indent/(v.em_width()))-1
                # determine how to indent the following line based on how wide the wrapping indents and what the current tab/spaces settings are
                if v.settings().get('translate_tabs_to_spaces') and v.settings().get('use_tab_stops'):
                    next_line_indent_chars = next_line_indent_chars / v.settings().get('tab_size')
                    next_line_indent_string = '\t' * next_line_indent_chars
                    next_line_indent_string = ' ' * next_line_indent_chars
                # insert newline and spacing at wrap column (sublime hides actual line endings from editor, therefore it's always LF)
                v.insert(e, textpos, '\n' + next_line_indent_string)
                # only continue to the next line if we didn't edit the current line
                current_line_no = current_line_no + 1

    Save e.g. as in the default (User) directory.

    To make this accessible from the menu bar, select the Browse Packages… menu item, navigate to the User folder, and edit Main.sublime-menu (creating it if necessary) as described in this answer so it contains text like e.g. the following:

            "id": "edit",
                {"id": "wrap"},
                {"command": "wrap_lines_ex", "caption": "Wrap All Lines"}



    Screenshot before


    Screenshot after

    Of course, in this case, due to comments being wrapped as well, the code will no longer work. But that's behavior as design per the question.

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