Sublime Text 3 rectangular tabs (title bar)


This sublime theme looks so great. The thing is that only the color of text is changed when I install it.

What should I do to get that rectangular tabs (title bar) in my sublime? It's operating system specific design or sublime text ? I'm using windows 8.1 . If there's a theme for windows that make that tabs rectangular let me know.

Best Answer

Yes this is the theme within Sublime Text 3. The name of the theme is Afterglow.

To install it do the following steps:

  • Open Preferences > Package Control > Install package
  • Search for "Afterglow" and install it
  • Open Preferences > Settings - User
  • Add these lines:
"theme": "Afterglow.sublime-theme",
"color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Afterglow/Afterglow.tmTheme",
  • Save files and restart Sublime Text 3

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