Sublime text right click not working for sidebar


I am using sublime text 2 on windows 7.

I had installed 3 plugins:

  1. Emmet

  2. Dockblockr

  3. SidebarEnhancements

Now when i right click on the folders on the sidebar nothing is happening. I tried uninstalling the plugins and also tried uninstallling and reinstalling sublime text itself but still no luck.

Is there any keyborad shortcut that i can use?..Thanks

Best Answer

  • I had the same issue yesterday after installing phpcs, dockblockr.

    1. Remove SidebarEnhancements

    2. Restart ST2

    3. Reinstall SidebarEnhancements

    This fixed my issue.

    Edit - After removing package check if it is removed by clicking Preferences -> Browse Packages, if not manually delete the folder