Sync or export only Thunderbird account settings


There are many (old and not so old) topics about this, but they all deal with synchronizing the whole Thunderbird profile across computers.

I am not interested in that, I just want a nice way to synchronize or export only the (accounts) configuration. (all of my accounts are IMAP based, and I can redownload emails from the server without hassles.)

Please, don't tell me to synchronize the whole profile folder. It is 3.65GB, and I just want to recover my accounts config. Information-wise it should only be a few KBs.

Answers related to this question but which do not answer it

Actually there is an answer in the question "Merge/synchronize two Thunderbird installations" which mentions prefs.js but it isn't clear, and the answerer himself says, "it may even be longer than to re-enter all settings manually.

Best Answer

  • You might try MozBackup, which allows you to selectively backup and restore settings, as well as contacts, history etc. (as well as mail, if you wish).

    Accountex also professes to do what you want (caveat: I have not used it, and it has a two-of-five star rating).

    See Mozilla Thunderbird - Backup your settings for other suggestions.