Sync photos to iTunes without erasing everything


My iTunes is empty, I just installed it, I've always used an iPod Manager to manage my iPod

How can I sync my photos without iTunes having to erase everything on my iPod since my iTunes is empty?

and I've got auto-sync disabled


Best Answer

  • Your iTunes is complaining because the library persistent ID on the iPod is different than the library persistent ID in the iTunes Library. This ID is randomly generated when iTunes creates a new library (such as the first time you run it), and it prevents (for example) my iPhone from being automatically wiped and synced with my friend's iTunes content if I plug my iPhone into their computer to charge it; rather, the "Do Nothing or Wipe+Sync?" dialog pops up to prevent that.

    What you need to do is: (1) Quit iTunes (2) Determine what the library persistent ID is in your iPod. Perhaps this is displayed in your third-party iPod manager? If not, you'll have to troll through the iPod_Control folder on the iPod and hexedit the database file on it to determine the ID. (3) Hexedit the iTunes Library file (iTunes Library.itl on Windows, IIRC) and replace the ID therein with the one in your iPod (4) Launch iTunes

    Now that I've thought about it a bit more, this might actually cause the content of the iPod to be replaced with what's in iTunes without warning upon executing step 4. If you move your music from your third-party iPod manager into iTunes first, this shouldn't cause too much trouble, but to maintain your playlists and ratings (which would be crucial for me) you might want to use a tool like Senuti to pull everything out of your iPod and install it into iTunes. If you're going to follow this route, do NOT synchronize the library IDs as above.

    Note that it will be a royal pain to keep alternating between your third-party stuff and iTunes, so pick one and go with it. (iTunes isn't that bad. Really.)