Syncing your clock from command line

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I manage a bunch of kiosk style PCs and I have noticed that my test machines have their time drifting a bit.

I'm curious, does anyone know of an freeware time syncing application that can easily be run on a schedule from command line to prevent this drifting?

  • These systems are running Windows XP Embedded.
  • They are not on a domain, so cannot use a DC.
  • They have internet access, but some clients may be limited on outbound comm, it will have to be a case by case basis to config them

I've seen the Atomic Clock Sync from, but I don't see them having any command line utility that would run silently to sync the time.

Thanks for the help

Best Answer

  • XP Professional has this built-in.

    w32tm /resync

    Do w32tm /? for more info.

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