Google-chrome – Tabs in Chrome Browser shrink too much


If I open up many tabs in Chrome, the Tabs start to shrink. This is usually a normal behavior if the tabs would use the whole availible space, BUT in my case the tabs shrink too much.
They don't use up the whole availible space anymore, but only go until somwhere at three quarters of the window. The more tabs I open, the larger the availible space gets until it reaches a maximum. This strikes me as somewhat not so normal.

Another funny thing is, if I use a second Monitor to extend my Desktop, Tabs will be smaller on the second Desktop and will only fill half the availible space from the beginning.
For example right now I have 6 tabs open, which fill out approximately half the availible space. If I open more tabs, only the tab size reduces. This has not been like that when I first installed the browser.

This is what it looks like:

enter image description here

Is there any solution for this?

I hereby explicitly mean NO extensions. I found enough extensions to handle tabs. I just want them to behave normally without any of those tab-extensions. Re-Installing Chrome does NOT work, I tried that.

Best Answer

I fixed this on my Lenovo Z50 Win 8.1 by setting the Chrome - Windows shortcut property setting > Compatibility > Disable display scaling on high DPI settings Chrome tabs are correct now