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I'm writing a documentation in Word 2010 using the snipping tool. I take screenshots of forms in my application. When I paste them in Word, most of the time Word changes the image and text gets blurred.

If I set the image to 100%, the text in the image still appears blurred. I said most of the time because sometimes the image looks fine. But I don't know what the pattern is.

enter image description here

Test files to reproduce it

What I have tried

  • I read some articles about how the DPI affects this, I am using the default (smaller) text size. I tried to save the files in PNG format, changed them with photoshop to make sure they have 96 DPI. They look fine in Photoshop, however when I paste them into Word, word does something to them and they don't look as sharp as the original image.
  • I tried the do not compress images in file option, and it doesn't work.
  • In order to reproduce this I actually tried different sizes for the image. For some sizes it worked fine. I suspect that this issue occurs for certain image dimensions but I didn't find the patterns.

What can I do to fix this?

Best Answer

  • I was able to replicate your issue using the files you posted. I was able to solve it with the following steps:

    • Right-click the image
    • Choose Size and Position...
    • On the Size tab click Reset
    • Click OK to close the dialog

    Image size settings

    Notice on the screenshot above that even though Word says the image is scaled to 100%, the height and width are different to the "original" size until you click Reset.

    I suspect that you might still have problems using images larger than the page though, in which case you should probably use an image editor to scale the images.

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