The difference between these display screens


Please check these 3 products:




If you see the specifications, you'll notice the display screens are different. In 1st, it is: BrightView HD LED-Backlit. In 2nd, it is: HD TN GL(Slim) and in the 3rd one, it is: Full HD WLED Backlit TN Glare Slim Display.

Ignore the more resolution of 3rd laptop. I just want the difference between these 3 screens and I want to know which gives better look of videos, games or movies.

Best Answer

1) BrighView HD LED-Backlit display is a glossy screen. It has advantages such as clearer images, wide viewing angles, high contrast, vivid colors and reduced eye fatigue.

2) HD TN GL(Slim) is TN matrix that has dim colors, but it better for gaming, because it has a smaller response time.

3) Full HD WLED Backlit TN Glare Slim Display is a glossy screen that has TN matrix with WLED backlit. It consumes less energy, but it displays less colors.

In conclusion, first display better for movies, second and third better for games, but they have a little worse picture.