There is no “Convert MBR to GPT” option in EaseUs Partition Master


I want to convert my disk to GPT to install windows 10. I found this solution to convert it:

But in Easeus there is no convert option! What's wrong?

Best Answer

  • Like Ramhound mentioned the drive /disk MUST be unmounted to assume this is a windows install grab any live installer (live as in can actually use the system -- aka almost any modern linux installer or a Win rescue cd/dvd if oyu have one handy )

    Step 1) BACKUP ALL IMPORTANT data ---confirm it was a valid backup (normally I boot it and check that it runs for this purpose)

    Step 2) load up the rescue cd/dvd or live installer also very nice is gparted iso (Gparted )

    Step 3) using any of the above Follow either the DiskPART instructs from that Tutorial OR the much more graphical and user friendly Gparted iso (also a great live tool for cross platform oh crap moments --keep a copy on usb myself)

    3A) USING GPARTED select ' Device' > > Create Partition Table > > from the drop-down select GPT (GUID) and then Apply


    Some laptops / PCs and win 7 versions DO not like installing with boot GPT+EFI this is nearly non existent issue on win 8 or xp (for those that still use it )

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