Thunderbird “undo send” feature (like in Gmail)


I was wondering if there exists a thunderbird addon that gives similar functionality as Google's "undo send" feature? This basically just delays the sent message for a few seconds allowing the user to cancel the send if desired. I find this very useful in Gmail and would love the option now that I started using thunderbird.

I've seen the send later addon, but this isn't really what I want. I want something very similar to Google's feature where it automatically delays each message before sending with an easy to access option to cancel the send. Thanks!

Best Answer

That add-on probably is what you want actually, as that is all Gmail's "undo send" option really does behind the scenes. It doesn't actually send your email's instantly, but rather delays them so you have the option to opt out before it's actually sent. The option doesn't actually dig into people's mailboxes and take the email out. Once it's sent, it's pushed to a different mail server. If everyone in the world used Gmail, maybe they could take it out of someone else's mailbox for you, but since everyone doesn't, this is how their "undo" feature actually works.