Tmux and ZSH custom prompt : bug with window name


I have customized my ZSH prompt with oh-my-zsh to make it more readable and add information about git if I'm in a repository.

Example :
bob@inf [~/docs] %
bob@inf [~/src/nicest] master % (in a git repository)

It works well but I have some bugs with tmux and the window name. It still display non sense value and I cannot disable it with automatic-rename off (it just do not work, the window name change after each command), for the first example tmux use ~/docs for the window name.

I'm not sure how I can fix it, I would like to keep my zsh prompt as it is, if can make change but would like to understand where is the problem ?

Another solution may be to redefine command settile (from this answer) but I'm not sure how to do it the right way.

Best Answer

I took a peek at oh-my-zsh and found a likely suspect.

When the value of the TERM environment variable starts with screen (which it should under both screen and tmux), it uses a screen terminal control sequence to set the window’s name to

  • (just before displaying a shell prompt)
    the left-most portion of the “tilde compressed” path of the current working directory (.. followed by the last 13 characters or the entire path if it less than 15 characters) and
  • (just before starting a command)
    the first “word” of about-to-be-run command (not counting ssh, sudo, and a few others).

It sounds like it is working this way for you (you said that your window named changed to ~/docs when you were in that directory). If you want to disable this automatic renaming, you can can disable it completely by setting the DISABLE_AUTO_TITLE shell parameter to true in your .zshrc:


If you just set this in an interactive shell, you will end up with an empty string for the current window’s name, but oh-my-zsh will stop updating the window before each prompt and command in that shell instance (it needs to be in your .zshrc to affect all new shell instances).

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