Google-chrome – Toggle between search engines in Google Chrome


How can I easily toggle between DuckDuckGo and Google in the omnibox?

Is there a way to achieve it? Any plugins, shortcuts or so? The problem narrows down to changing the default search engine of Google Chrome using a shortcut.

The point is that Google is far better for non-English searches and technical information while DuckDuckGo provides the awesome bangs! feature. It would be great if I could easily switch between them whenever I need.


When I use DuckDuckGo I can easily switch to Google by appending !g to my query. What I want is to be able to easily switch to Google, search multiple times without appending !g every time and then switch back to DDG.

Also, I use !s pretty often to switch to StartPage as they seem to aggregate results from Google.

Best Answer

One way you can quickly toggle to a different search engine is by editing the Keyword for it in your list. With this approach you don't need to change your default search engine.

  1. Right click on your Omnibar and click Edit search engines...

Edit Search Engines

  1. Look for the DuckDuckGo entry and select it

  2. The middle column enter a short and memorable keyword, like du for instance

DuckDuckGo Entry

  1. Click Done to close the modal window

In the Omnibar, you can now just type du + Space on your keyboard to toggle DuckDuckGo. Then, just type a search term and off you go.

Here's how it looks in action

DuckDuckGo Search

If DuckDuckGo does not exist in your list of search engines, you can easily add it.

  1. Right click on your Omnibar and click Edit search engines...

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Other search engines section and look for Add a new search engine

  3. Enter DuckDuckGo for the search engine name, du (or other) for the keyword, and for the URL

  4. Click Done to close the modal window