Tomato QoS: Why is some traffic unclassified when there are classifications for it


Ok, I am trying to tweak my router to give priority to some traffic. My classifications seem to cover just about everything but I still see ~60 to ~80% of the traffic as unclassified:

TCP 64137 80 Unclassified
TCP 64175 80 Unclassified
TCP 64144 443 Unclassified

I assume that the 64### ports are just what my WAP uses to send packets inside my home network. But my classifications seems to cover any traffic for destination ports 80 and 443: (partial list)

TCP      Dst Port: 80,443     High   WWW
TCP/UDP  Dst Port: 1024-65535 Lowest Bulk Traffic

Why do I have so much unclassified traffic if I have a classification that should cover it?

Best Answer

As the Tomato FAQ says, connections to/from your router are never classified. This means that packets that are emitted by the router, or for the router, are not classified. Other packets, that travel through the router but for which the router is not the sender or the destination, are classified.

Packets that are not classified thus include the three connections you mentioned in the question: they all are to, which I guess is your router.