Tor relay using Tomato Shibby Mod


I'm looking to buy a new router (probably ASUS RT-N16), and I'd like one that I can setup as a Tor relay. I'm not bothered about using Tor myself, so I don't need it to make connections for me via Tor – but I do want to run a relay (not an exit node) for other people that are using Tor.

The Tomato branch, Shibby Mod, has Tor support (the only one that does, according to Wikipedia). But I can't find much info about it. Will it allow me to run a Tor relay? Or will it only allow me to be a Tor client?

Best Answer

  • I asked this question on the tor-assistants mailing list, and revived the answer:

    From looking at it in the recent past, it's a pretty crappy way to run Tor on a router. It is client only, not relay. You're much better off using the actual tor browser on your local machine. The tomato implementation of tor leaks dns and only intercepts port 80 traffic. These are the first two biggest problems with it.

    So that's a pretty clear "nope" to me, I won't be able to use Shibby Mod to run a relay, and I also shouldn't bother with using Tomato as a Tor client either.

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