Transparent background in Eclipse


Is there a way to make the background of Eclipse IDE text editor transparent? I would like to adjust the alpha transparency of the background, but have the text still be opaque. Perhaps there is a plugin that accomplishes this? I haven't seen any options under preferences. And my search on Google has ended in vain thus far, although I did find some nice color themes.

Example (Textmate):

Transparent Textmate

Note that the text is still solid. This is important, since making the whole window transparent could cause text to bleed into the desktop wallpaper (or whatever is under Eclipse). I'm interested in solutions for all platforms that Eclipse runs on.

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Best Answer

I'm afraid it's not possible. However, Java 7 which is expected as of July 28th, 2011 has support for translucent windows. After that, Eclipse is community effort... your best bet is to either to participate in development, or consider programming Eclipse plugin (or find someone interested in progamming plugin).