Troubleshooting Bluetooth device did not accept stereo audio connection


I just bought Skullcandy "Hesh 2 Wireless" Bluetooth enabled headphones.
I connected them to my Windows computer by adding a bluetooth device and everything worked well.

After disconnecting and reconnecting I got a message saying the bluetooth device did not accept a stereo audio connection.

Now everything sounds like crap.
I can pair the headphones to my Android phone no problem and the music sounds good.

I've tried removing and re-pairing the device, but it still has crappy sound quality. Any ideas?

It sounds like a pretty generic error that a lot of people get, then people respond with answers like this that say "make sure your device is compatible"

Anyway, my device is on the compatible devices list, and it worked perfectly once

Best Answer

Try this:

1) Go to: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers

2) Right click the icon of the bluetooth headphones, click 'Properties'

3) Go to the tab Services, uncheck all, leave checked ONLY 'Audio Sink' and 'Remote Control'

This worked for me.