Turn an internal PCI-E audio card into external cheaply


I like listening to music, but the one thing I can't get with the mobile devices (players, smartphones, notebooks) is the volume and clarity I get from my desktop pc audio card. It's nothing special, the cheapest PCI-E x1 Sound Blaster card, but somehow it sounds a lot better. I have tried listening to external audio cards and their sound is comparable, but they are a lot more expensive, to the point that I can't really think of it as a great value. So I'd like to try and find a way to make internal PCI-E audio cards mobile.

Does there exist a common method to mobilize internal PCI-E devices? Perhaps some controller with only the required interfaces and power cables? If not, what does it take to turn a PCI-E audio card into USB-powered mobile version? Again, I'm looking for reasonably prices solutions, but if there are only the expensive ways, I'd still like to know about them.

Best Answer

Quick answer: No, nothing like this is available.

Long answer: Any solution that is capable of mobilizing a PCI-e device, in the way you're asking for, is going to be far more expensive than buying an external USB audio device. You would need to engage an electronics engineer to design and create the solution for you.

Looks like you have an ear for good quality sound and, unfortunately, there's no two ways about it – good sound quality costs $. Save up for a modest but decent external USB device and enjoy ;-)

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