Chrome – Turn on the link hover statusbar in Google Chrome


I want to turn on the feature where whenever I hover over a hyperlink and in the bottom lefthand corner it shows a light blue hover tooltip about where that link goes.

It looks like that since some days this earlier always-on feature is missing (Compare "Turn off the link hover statusbar in Google Chrome ")

Why do I want to turn it on? It's annoying to me to not see the URIs I'm going to request. I am distracted as I work not knowing those.

I really do care where a given link goes and wish I could turn that feature on again, even if I have to install a Google Chrome Extension (well I hate installing superfluous extensions, so better not and just give the flag or option name for that feature).

So, is there a fix to turn the amazing link hover tooltip feature on?

Best Answer

The official bug thread mentioned in Raveren's answer has been updated - several people, including me, have fixed this problem by disabling hardware acceleration (direct link to settings: chrome://settings/search#hardware%20acceleration):

  • Open Chrome Settings
  • Select "Show Advanced Settings"
  • Scroll down to "System"
  • un-check "Use hardware acceleration when available"

This worked for me, and is consistent with several problems I've had with both Google Chrome and various flavours of desktop Linux running on older (graphics) hardware.